Catlow, indie-pop Vancouver native Natasha Thirsk –don’t think this is relevant now(formerly of The Dirtmitts), collaborates with producers Dave Hodge-Leisure Cruise, Bran Van 3000// Roger Swan- K-os//Marcel Rambo, Hayz Fischer//Al Sgro, Wil Golden-Cougar Town) and musicians Jay Slye, Barry Higgenson, Emily Bach, Laurel Borrowman, Squid, Cory B, Justin McDonald (Brememntown Players) across North America to create “hopelessly catchy” and “arrestingly angular grooves, with lithe intelligent vocals”.

The long-awaited follow-up album, Pinkly Things, highlights Thirsk’s coy vocals as melodies flex their electro muscles over dense atmospheric guitar rock with a power-pop heart.. Thirsk’s chilly neo-disco fuses hot indie-rocks with blippy synth to create sing-song melodies.

Thirsk’s music interests began when she classically trained as a pianist. Jazz, experimental music, new wave and everything in between heavily influenced Thirsk. “Music should be fun, make you sweat, make you cry, make you dance, bring you joy,” said Thirsk. “It should come easily and from many sides of you. Pain, happiness, regret, excitement.” Catlow is the spirit of freedom.

Kiss The World, Catlow’s first record (Boompa Records/EMI) was born without geographic boundaries. Thirsk recorded with Ian Browne, of Matthew Good and No Sinner; with Al Sgro and Wil Golden (Michelle Branch) in Los Angeles at Studio 9; and mixing with Brian Carson of Wicked Lester and Bran Van 3000 alumni Dave Hodge of Broken Social Scene, at the renowned Village Recorder in LA..

Pinkly Things was recorded at The Factory in Vancouver where Thirsk co- produced with Marcel Rambo and Hayz Fischer. Tracks on the album were co-written with Dave Hodge, Jamie Di Salvio (Bran Van 3000), Mike Miguel Sanchez to name a few while one song “Run to Me” was mixed by Roger Swan (K-Os).