CATLOW // LOSE CONTROL OFFICIAL SPRING TOUR!! We may be coming to your town western Canada!


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It’s been a while folks. We have some fantastic new members and guest musicians and BOY have we been playing KICKASS! It is sounding like an electric symphony pinkly synthy- pop jangly delight!! 


We have the delightful multi-band violinist Emily Bach, Squid, one of the best bass players on the earth, little Laurel Borrowman glockin away her heart and symphonically New Order-esque melding the sounds of synths, the incredibly talented, pedal board genious guitar master Jay Slye and muchos grandiose kick-ass drummer Barry Higginson, who changes into his “jam strip” when we rehearse. WE are all so lovably in love with this music and each other. You will feel the laughter and love on stage! <3

Catlow has not hit the western part of Canada including Calgary and Edmonton in, well a hella long time! WE have NEW SINGLES you can find here:


A new VIDEO for Lose Control here:

We will have some special tour only songs and goodies for sale. We will not disappoint! We are soo incredibly excited for this and we SOUND Gooood! COME JOIN US!


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  1. Oh Yup says:

    Hella Awesome....


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